IMPORTANT NOTICE: NO OWO scholarships will be offered for this coming year of 2021

The Outdoor Writers of Ohio, Inc. (OWO) Education Committee and the OWO Spice (spousal organization) offer scholarships for Ohio college students majoring in conservation-related courses of study, such as fisheries, wildlife, forestry, water quality, outdoor journalism, parks/recreation or other fields related to fishing, hunting and similar pursuits.

  • The Wodrich-Andreoni Memorial Scholarship – from the OWO Spice (Ms. Jan Gross, Chair)
  • The Outdoor Writers of Ohio Scholarship – from the OWO general membership; two or more scholarships may be awarded
  • The Lawrence and June Brobst Family Memorial Scholarship
  • The Toyota Let’s Go Places Scholarship
  • Scholarships will range from $1,000 – $1,500

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must currently be attending an Ohio college, majoring in a field as described above. Each application will be considered for all scholarships. The recipients will be requested to attend, as our guests, the Outdoor Writers of Ohio annual awards banquet.

APPLICATION: Applicants should send:

  • A short essay, not exceeding 250 words, describing the applicant’s career goals, field of study and how this scholarship would help achieve a degree.
  • Either a college transcript or a copy of the last two semester’s grades (such as copies of online grade postings).
  • A brief letter of recommendation (2-3 paragraphs) from a professor or an advisor.

Applications must include full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of applicants. Judging will be done by education committee members of the OWO Spice and the Outdoor Writers of Ohio.

DEADLINE: Materials must be postmarked no later than 1 April and sent to:

Outdoor Writers of Ohio, Inc.
Fred L. Snyder, Chair
OWO Scholarship Committee
754 Co. Rd. 126, Fremont, OH 43420